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#12: Noah Grossman (SMOSH) | Behind the Scenes of a YouTube Star


#12: Noah Grossman (SMOSH) | Behind the Scenes of a YouTube Star

Noah Grossman is a cast member of SMOSH, one of YouTube’s most popular channels with over 30 million subscribers across all their channels.

During this interview, you will learn:

  • How Noah became a well-known actor in the industry
  • Behind the scenes of a YouTube celebrity’s life
  • How it’s not necessary to focus on all the negatives
  • How our passion can create joy and happiness in our life

Connect with Noah:

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Richard Kuo is a speaker, a YouTuber, and the founder of Infinite Mastery - an online community dedicated to helping teens and young adults master their self-esteem and master their lives through content, conversation, and community. He has been featured by TEDx and has reached over 300,000 teens and young-adults on and offline on the importance of building self-esteem. Utilizing his own story of overcoming negative self-talk and making bold life-changing decisions, such as quitting his 9-5 job to pursue his dreams, Richard now dedicates his life to empowering teens and young adults to realize on their own that everything they need to be successful is inside of them; not outside of them.

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