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#13: Connecting With Your Authentic Self with brotha James


#13: Connecting With Your Authentic Self with brotha James

Armed with a passion for making music and connecting people through his live performances, Jeremy (brotha James) Reisig brings non-stop enthusiasm and endless energy that leaves his audiences asking for more.

Combining clever, uplifting lyrics with danceable beats, brotha James masters a distinctive combination of dance/ hip hop/pop to create his distinctive style. His ability to engage the audience creates an environment that encourages interaction through sing-along songs, dancing, and playing percussion instruments along with brotha James.

His lyrics speak to being a dreamer, following the passion for what makes one happy, showing gratitude for simple things, and holding on to the moments that are filled with joy.
Whether performing at a small club, entertaining at a private party, or taking the stage in a stadium, playing music for brotha James is not just a job; it is his passion, his calling, his reason for being.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How brotha James leveraged passive income to finance and start his music career
  • How to balance your life between income, enjoyment, and impact
  • Why brotha James quit being the varsity quarterback for his high school team to join the soccer team
  • What his journey in being his authentic self and having a heart for others
  • What is a good way to measure our personal performance
  • Strategies for you to achieve your future goals and focus forward
  • The importance of intelligence, enthusiasm, and compassion
  • How to build up your intelligence
  • How to build up your enthusiasm
  • How to build up your compassion

Resources mentioned:

  • The Passion Test
  • The Four Agreements
  • The Alchemist
  • The Five Minute Journal
  • Tony Robbins
  • Matthew Mcconaughey’s Acceptance Speech
  • Free song by brotha James – Text “ANIMAL” to 33444

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